President’s Perspective

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Welcome to Barton Magazine. We are delighted to share this inaugural issue with you, our alumni and friends of Barton College.

In many ways, this magazine represents the bold spirit and vision that is revitalizing the mission of the College—the renewed energy to advance student learning while lifting up the relationships, history, and tradition that have made ACC and Barton the right place for students throughout the years.

I am proud of the strategic growth taking place at the College, which includes new academic programs, expanded opportunities for student hands-on learning, and new services to support and engage students, as well as our growing enrollment and aggressive planning for new facilities to enhance the Barton Experience.

Progress is happening daily at Barton, and our mindful, intentional change is allowing the College you know and love to best serve our students in the future.
I am proud to share our transition with you through these pages and in upcoming editions of Barton Magazine.

Transitioning to an electronic magazine is one of the innovative changes we have developed to better serve our Barton alumni and friends. The new magazine differs from its predecessor, Barton Scope, in a number of ways. Let me take a moment to explain those differences.

The magazine’s new format allows us to have a broader reach—to make it easier for you to access the magazine at home or on the road, on your computer, laptop, tablet, or phone. An electronic format also allows us to share more information with you. During the past year, our communications team has filmed and written more content than ever before, and forthcoming issues will continue to keep you informed and engaged in the life of the College.

I believe you will find the vision and values of Barton College woven throughout the magazine. The College’s vision—to be a place where bold thinkers form bold leaders—emerges from our new strategic plan, shapes our priorities, and defines the impact of a Barton education. And, the College’s commitment to the values of innovation, engagement, excellence, ethics, and respect define the way we do our work. As you read the articles and look at the data on our progress, keep a watchful eye for how the College’s bold vision and values help make this campus a place of which you can be proud.

This issue of Barton Magazine is an indication of Barton’s commitments: to communicating effectively with all of its audiences; to making clear its vision for the future; to committing to a set of values that we hold dear; and to sharing with you the stories of Barton’s success.

Thank you for joining us.

Douglas N. Searcy, Ph.D.